Aerial Photography applications

Brett's services are specialised to aerial photography, using Helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and sometimes drones.

Flying in Melbourne on a weekly basis, sometimes more.  You can expect images of the highest quality.   

Pricing is dependent on the location and factors like distance and time needed to carry out the work, number of images and if the location is in the control zone. 

Travel and Tourism

Strong, vibrant imagery is the key to any successful tourism campaign. Aerial photography can provide stunning stills or video from a unique perspective that captures the overall site or landmark.

Property and Construction

Property developers can utilise high level aerial shots to display the location of a development in relation to the city, transport options or shopping centers to highlight these features to potential buyers. These shots can become the hero of any marketing campaign as they provide a unique view of development progress.



Aerial photography can play an important role in the planning process for all types of farming. This unique view allows you to monitor and measure crop growth, plan future planting sites or fencing outlines, and also monitor any erosion or other changes to the landscape. These images will also assist in any insurance claims and provide a great historical record that can be proudly displayed.

Mapping & Planning

Aerial Photography can be used for many purposes in regards to mapping and planning. This can be used for events - as mapping views can show amenities and highlight attendance, or alternately, it can be used to monitor construction, apply for permits, and assist in legal issues such as land disputes.

Construction Progress

Regular aerial imagery of construction processes is essential to monitor progress. These images serve a number of purposes, as they can be used to keep investors updated, or they can be used in social media or for the website. There are a few different methods for capturing construction progress with the first being simple aerial shots at different stages of the build. These images can be taken every month or at different stages of construction, such as the site clearing or roof installation.


Shipping & Marine

Aerial photography can be a useful tool for shipping companies, as it can provide stunning imagery to be used for their marketing materials. Images of stand-alone ships are one thing, however, a greater impact can be made when showing the ship entering a specific port or near a certain landmark.

 UAV Photography

The rapid increases in technology have led to the prominence of UAV photography. UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones have become readily available, however, there are quite stringent regulations on their use. In order to man oeuvre these vehicles, they require an operators license, clearance for the air zone.