Re-Shooting Aerial Photography

This year I have shot over 100 sites using traditional aerial photography methods (Using a helicopter or aeroplane the old school way).  I've noticed a rise in clients coming to me with work they had commissioned by competitors that need to be re shot.   Some of the issues like not shooting to the brief, bad composition, crooked horizons seem to be common

This prompted me to do a google search for 'aerial photography Melbourne'.  Not only was I delighted to see my own website coming up on the first page I was surprised by the number of operators providing aerial photography services these days.  I remember when I started out over a decade ago now there were only a handful of folks offering a traditional aerial photography service, and I was nicely placed on top of them all on Google.

With the advent of drones over the past 7 years, I guess there is no wondering why there are so many.  Coming back to re-shoots, with so many business and companies offering aerial photography both drone and traditional I'm thinking there would be a varied mix of output quality and price ranges.  Its getting harder to find value for money/expectations met, That just makes the market place that bit more intersting.