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Flying in Adelaide Shooting Aerial Photography in Feb 2019

We are just about all set for a flight in South Australia and Adelaide in late February. The flight will start off in Mount Gambier where the Blue Lake is located. This should make for some nice aerials. Then its over to Murray Bridge and Adelaide CBD. Then up to the Barossa Valley to shoot some Wineries and then up-to Berri in the north east. So far we have a mixture of clients - Manufacturing, retail, education and wineries.

Memorable Flights

I love flying just as much as I love photography and have been lucky to fly with so many excellent pilots over the years.  Early this year I spent a few hours flying with Lindy Lee from R L Aviation in Cres near Geelong.   She operates from her own airstrip, its a dirt strip and kind of exciting to take off and land on.  The best part is the Cessna 185 with the in-flight door that gives you clear vision to shoot from.  

Shooting Aerial Photography for Traffic.

This was an aerial photography shoot I did for Traffic of a location in Geelong.  Was a long wait during the winter time for a clear sunny day, but it was worth it.  You can make out Melbourne in the background and it's not often the sky is so clear that time of the year.  I love seeing how clients use the images and they did a great job with this one.  Check it out for yourself.


What does 6000 feet over the Australian Open look like?

Looking back on some of my summer shoots and wishing the sky was this clear again.  This one was for the Australian Open in Melbourne.   We fly up to 6000 feet to shoot this aerial.  Hanging out of the aircraft is the fun part at that height. !


Melbourne and Olympic Parks 2017

Melbourne and Olympic Parks 2017