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Flying in Adelaide Shooting Aerial Photography in Feb 2019

We are just about all set for a flight in South Australia and Adelaide in late February. The flight will start off in Mount Gambier where the Blue Lake is located. This should make for some nice aerials. Then its over to Murray Bridge and Adelaide CBD. Then up to the Barossa Valley to shoot some Wineries and then up-to Berri in the north east. So far we have a mixture of clients - Manufacturing, retail, education and wineries.

Aerial Stock Photos - Airview Online

I have been uploading content to for about three years now.  I always direct clients here as a first port of call.  Over the years I have shot locations in just about every suburb in Melbourne and you can find most of these images on 

If you are searching for a nice overall aerial shot of Melbourne or a particular suburb it is easy to find.  By entering the address of the location you will be provided with images that match the address.

Aerial stock photos are not always what you may be looking for but if timing and budget are tight it makes sense to start here.  And with Melbourne's weather especially during winter, it could be your only option.


Making my Aerial Photography Folio

I'd been thinking for some time that it would be nice to have a printed folio of my work.  After all, I have over a decade worth of images to choose from, but this only makes it harder.   After looking at your own work so often you start to overlook some of the better shots and a second set of eyes is what is needed.  So I went to see Sally Brownbill for a consultation and fist full of images for her to look over.  She spent a few hours searching through them and you can see what she found below.   Looking forward to getting this printed and bound, stay tuned for the finished product!