Brett Price Photography

Brett's point of differentiation within the market stems from his ability to work closely with his clients and consistently deliver professional solutions. His specialised knowledge of various industries drives his understanding of current market requirements, developing his ability to capture imagery that aligns with his clients’ needs. His simple and streamlined processes then allows him to provide his clients with a high quality finished product and quick turnaround for urgent tasks.


Brett is an independent photography pro that specialises in aerial photography. He has have over 10-years experience, with projects in every corner of Australia – clocking up thousands of hours in the air.


As a market leader in aerial photography – Brett has extensive experience all throughout Australia. His understanding and commitment to his clients ensures consistency in the timely delivery of high quality imagery, time and time again. With his expert knowledge of various industry requirements, he endeavours to collaborate with his clients to ensure that his solutions can meet their every need.


Property developers can utilise high level aerial shots to display the location of a development in relation to the city, transport options or shopping centres to highlight these features to potential buyers. These shots can become the hero of any marketing campaign as they provide a unique view of development progress.