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Memorable Flights

I love flying just as much as I love photography and have been lucky to fly with so many excellent pilots over the years.  Early this year I spent a few hours flying with Lindy Lee from R L Aviation in Cres near Geelong.   She operates from her own airstrip, its a dirt strip and kind of exciting to take off and land on.  The best part is the Cessna 185 with the in-flight door that gives you clear vision to shoot from.  

Aerial Photography for Dacland

It was a pleasure working with Dacland late last year helping them out with their Rothwell Project.  Rothwell will have 1700 homes built on the site and after reading the information on the Rothwell website,  it will be one of the highlights in the west of Melbourne.  It has been interesting watching the west grow and I seem to be flying further and furether west to shoot locations.  Keep an eye on this one!

Shooting Aerials for the McMullen Group.

This shoot was a challenge as the site sits inside the control zone and right under the flight path for Melbourne Airport.   The weather was perfect and we got lucky, thanks Melbourne Tower!  Getting a nice view of Melbourne from this far out is rare usually because of the smog and haze. 

A nice and clear view of Melbourne

A nice and clear view of Melbourne